Briana (jengalill) wrote,


(Game of Thrones references and spoilers are forthcoming.)

I have fought many battles this summer, and I have shown no mercy to this infectious cancer, but I am weary. I listen every day to those who would advise me, and I am constantly petitioned by those who seek my own counselor who wish just to be near me, and I am so tired. But I must be strong. My people need me- I am their matriarch. They expect me to lead them through this war to a new peace.

I was prepared to go into my final battle today (my final session of chemo), and I had my family of dragons rallying round me to cheer me on to victory. But today, just as we entered the battleground, I was told the number of white soldiers (blood cells) I have is low, and so we have had to postpone the battle for the sake of military strategy. To make matters worse, I am counseled to stay in safety this entire week. I cannot see my dragons. "I want my dragons!" I demand to them. "Where. Are. My. Dragons!"

Perhaps they are right. Perhaps when so much is riding on this final battle, I would do well to heed their counsel. I know my dragons are safe and I will see them all soon. I must focus on strengthening my forces of white soldiers. And after this final battle to reclaim what is rightfully mine (health), I shall make plans to travel the world. I shall visit the foreign kingdoms once again, accompanied by my dragons in all our might.

Let no man question the strength of this woman. I WILL vanquish my foes. I WILL be victorious!
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