Briana (jengalill) wrote,

Tuesday, 12/8/15

Pretty simple day today. Got up and had exquisite breakfast buffet again at Madhubhan. So many foods I can't pronounce, don't know what's in them, can't even identify all the spices- but it's all incredibly delicious!

Went to the clinic for another shot. Then our driver, Jani, took us shopping for saris. We THINK we paid a decent price for the saris, but we know we got ripped off and were charged three times the going rate for tailoring the blouses. So at the moment, not too happy with our driver because when I was doubting the charges, he chimed in and said "No, no! Good price!" Look, India. We are happy to be here spending money. We are happy to be making the people we meet happy. We are OK with paying extra- it's not about the money (cause its still all hella affordable), but DON'T lie to us, and treat us like we are stupid. Jani may have lost us as customers which would be a shame because we were paying him well- a whole $2 per ride instead of the standard $1. Still, despite being "ripped off", I scored three gorgeous saris with tons of hand-stitched emroidery, exquisite lace, and blouses custom tailored to my form for a whopping $36 American dollars each.

Went home afterwards, rested, read our books, swam in the pool, got some work done for Evergreen Woods, and the highlight of the day was meeting two charming Indian girls in the activities room here at Madhubhan- Kushna and Vrutika who taught us to play karam. We laughed and played and talked about our different cultures. Vrutika spoke better English and helped translate for Kushna. She has had 6 months of classes, and is now doing a 6 month internship at Madhubhan, learning how to work in each department at the resort as part of her Tourism Management education. She hopes to work on a cruise ship, and doesn't have any wish to marry, though she was fascinated and happy by the fact that Dan and I got to have a "love marriage" rather than an arranged marriage. She loves to dance, play sports, and paint! She has promised to give me some Mahendi henna tattoos, and both girls are going to try to come shopping with me on Monday and make sure I get "good Indian prices". They were the ones whose eyes bulged when we told them how much we were charged for tailoring!

OK, gotta go- computer battery is dying!!
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