Briana (jengalill) wrote,

A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops of roses,
Whiskers on kittens,
What are my favorite things?

My (often literally) bouncing baby boy.  The times I stop myself from feeling frustrated as he says "MommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMommy", and pause to remember how just months earlier I so badly wanted to hear him first say that word.  My glee this morning as he identified his first My Little Pony (Appuh. Jack...Appuh. Jack.)  The fact that he loves to make everyone around him laugh and he always acts silly in hopes of a chance to break into giggles with those around him.  When I lie him in bed and he looks up at me with those big, innocent eyes, and asks, "Mommy?  A shong?" and I lie on the nearby bed and sing him his nightly lullabye.  How he sweats as he falls asleep when cuddled in my arms.  His eagerness to help anytime he sees Mommy or Daddy cooking.  "Cook?" he says, as he runs to fetch his step stool.  "I hehwp," he offers, well...insists.

I love the evening time when its dark, and the world has started to head into somnolence.  A hot cup of tea, or a little cordial glass of sweet liquer or wine.  A good book, a quiet house, and a purring cat (Seamus) curling up in my lap, pleading to be vigorously rubbed down and extensively loved.

I love to hear my husband play with my son, acting silly and strange compared to his usual reserved, well-composed self.  Hearing him read books and look for dinosaurs in my son's ears and nose.  His wavy, dark hair, how smart he looks in his glasses.  The fact that we share so much in common that most people our age might not- cartoons, science fiction, comic books, board games, toys..ahem, action figures.  How brilliantly and fluidly he seems to do his job.  "Discharge Dan" helping people get discharged from therapy and move on to more productive lives with new skills and confidence from their time with him.  How he loves to give tutorials about EVERYTHING.  How he treats my parents with respect, even when they drive him crazy.  That he reminds me of things not to forget, often every morning before we leave the house.  "Phone?  Purse?  Devon?  Need anything else for work?"

I love being so deep on a trail in the woods that everywhere I look, I see the forest.  I love the brilliant emerald green that illuminates the leaves outside my bedroom window in the spring and the summer each morning.  The smell of the crisp autumn air.
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