Briana (jengalill) wrote,

Happy Solstice

Happy solstice all! I just lit a mother goddess candle from Sara Russo​ at a little street temple, and said a prayer to Shakti, Lakshmi and Parvati (and really, any other mother goddess who was listening) to please help us see this through.

I got to hold the teensy weensy preemie of a friend, Jen​ and Jiri​. He is the most precious little treasure! They have been trying for YEARS, and their dream has finally come true. We don't have the stamina (or time off work!) to go for multiple years on this, so we hope we get some luck.

We have one fertilized embryo so far. The other two eggs MIGHT get fertilized, still. Just have to wait and see. And then, IF we can squeeze through all the red tape, and IF implantation takes, we might get to have our second child. Here's hoping. At least we already have one kick-ass kid, and if that's all we get, we are still damn lucky!
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