Briana (jengalill) wrote,

An email to my fellow yoga "classmates" at Evergreen Woods

Hello fellow yoginis!
I am actually being a lazy yogini this morning and skipping yoga class, so I thought I'd at least take the opportunity to write to you. For the past three mornings, I have been up-and-at-em for yoga class at 630am, before the sun has even risen-quite a feat for a non-morning person! And the first two days, it was only me, so I had my own private class with a nice guy named Rajesh who took me looking for monkeys after class on Wednesday (we didnt find any).

We practice on a beautiful stone platform and listen as the world comes awake. First the birds begin to stir, and Hindu chants are heard from the nearby temple- a soothing sound which warms my heart and fills me with joy and optimism for the day ahead. Then, as the sun rises, the city around the resort begins to awaken, and one can hear the traffic begin, and the stray dogs (of which there are many) begin barking. The macacque monkeys can be heard in the trees, usually only early in the morning saying HOM! HOM! ECH!, and I finally got to see some yesterday as they casually strolled through the trees overlooking our yoga class!

The yoga here is of course more demanding than what we are used to at "Gentle Yoga for All Skill Levels", and I am quite sore afterwards which is good because with all the amazing food here, I certainly need the exercise!! Even the breathing exercises can be INTENSE, forcing air and oxygen into ones lungs and bloodstream. I wrap up yoga feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.

Anyhow, miss you all, but am happy to say that India is a lot less of a terrifying prospect now that I am here (and, admittedly living in an absolute paradise at Madhubhan Resort- just a couple more days and then we have to "downgrade" to the Sapphire Suite at La Casa Inn").

As we say in class, "Namaste! and Be Well!" Oh, and can someone please share with the others at class who don't have email?
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