Briana (jengalill) wrote,

Meanwhile, Back at the Clinic...

So anyhow, I've asked Dr. Patel to direct Dan and I to see who we can talk to over here. We are physically here in the country. I want to do everything possible to leave our mark and make a good impression. Maybe it won't help at all, but if we can talk to some people from the courts, and they can even just meet us and hear of our story and let us plead our case, then we will at least be more than just names on a docket. She told me to give her a day or two to find information, and told me I could come back to the clinic in a couple hours for my first shot!

It was so shortly into our trip that Dan and I abandoned two of our most importantly-held resolutions. We had fresh fruit and dairy when we learned that food was safe to eat at Madhubhan. We haven't had any issues, and I think my first experience with "travel sickness" was really just my system being really worn down and exhausted because I've been fine ever since, and have been enjoying lassis, milkshakes and more!

Our second important resolution was never to go anywhere alone without the other one. Unfortunately, Dan's body was seriously rebelling against all the travel strain, and I had to go back to the clinic for my first shot. Nervously, I ventured out on my own with our tuktuk driver who had driven us before. I am happy to say that he took me there and back safely and securely, and I was much relieved. India is not AS full of peril as I imagined- at least, people are not hiding around EVERY corner looking to abduct foreign girls and ransom them off to the highest bidder. Maybe it sounds funny, but this was a serious concern that my family had for us coming here! Since then, Dan and I are still careful not to go out alone, but at least I have less anxiety about being "off the reservation" at Madhubhan.

We wrapped up our day by watching a popular movie in our room called "Queen" which was really great! It was about an Indian girl whose fiance dumps her the day of her wedding. If you think that's bad from an American point of view, you still have NO idea how devastating it must be to an Indian girl and her family! She ends up going on her honeymoon alone and reinventing herself. I just went to see if I could find it on Netflix, but when I went to, it said "Sorry, Netflix hasn't come to this part of the world yet." Ha! Bummer! I was hoping to watch a lot of Netflix!!
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